, simple website analytics you can pay with Lightning Bitcoin

You have a simple website, or multiple simple websites, or multiple small webapps. You don't need all the features Google Analytics offers, you just want to know how many people are browsing your sites and from where they're coming. was made for you. It tracks just the basic stuff, it doesn't try to do anything more, it's just visitors, pageviews, referrers and pages viewed.

The interface is light and makes it easy to setup new sites (but you can use just one, if you want). also have other unique features

It's possible to a share website analytics with everyone. Just make your site "shared" and give the link to your partners or even your visitors.

You can use your own subdomain as the tracking endpoint. This way you can bypass adblockers (if someday they start blocking the domain) and get correct statistics. service is payable by Lightning Bitcoin only. If you don't know what that is, try one of these and get yourself a wallet.

You can change the UI colors of the dashboard. Frankly, this is the best feature ever built into a webapp.

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The price for this service is 0.0005 BTC, or 500 bits, or 50,000 satoshis per month for (reasonably) unlimited usage. But it is free to try out. Sign up, start using, then get a payment request in the account page if you like what you see.

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