Simple, powerful but not unlimited, cheap and open-source web analytics.

Are you tired of Google Analytics?

  • With all its configurations, admin screens, users configuration, reporting sections, heavy charts?
  • Are you tired of referrer spam, of the fact that web analytics don't work with adblockers?
  • Do you run multiple websites and just want to track simple metrics?
  • Is it true for you that segmentation based on browser, country, search terms or social media are somewhat useless features?
  • Do you want to see a quick summary of each individual visitor of your site?
  • Have you looked up and found that all Google Analytics competitors are too expensive?

Well, if you answered "yes" to any of the previous questions, than maybe is for you.

Our unique features

only the data that matters

You don't need any special skills to just see how many people are visiting your site.

host it yourself: it's open source!

check it out on GitHub!

bypass adblockers by using your own domain

If you use Cloudflare Universal SSL and register your domain to your account you can use it instead of our default tracking domain to submit data.

you can change the UI colors

The rainbow is the limit!

works on your phone

Not an app, just a responsive website that will show you the data.

share your data with whomever you want!

Make individual sites public, and other people may see them without having to register! (and if they have an account they even add the shared site to their dashboard!)


Are you a developer?

your data is not owned by a big evil company

It's in your hands, and you can export it whenever you want!

setup is as simple as it can get, ideal for multiple sites

Click a button, give a name to the site and it's done, you get a tracking code to install on your HTML.

visualize each visitor session in a glimpse

Each visitor is recorded along with the referrer through which he came and a number of points.
By default these points correspond to the number of pages visited, but you can customize them for simple conversion tracking or other things.

Why is so good?

It is a fair question to raise -- not in the way it is formulated, assuming our service is actually good, but more in the likes of why isn't any other service that provides all you do for such a small price?

Well, there could be tons of web analytics as a service out there, as there are tons of services for many common tasks people of the internet face, most of them are free or have a free tier, and many of them very good. For web analytics, however, this is not so easy. Web analytics requires at least a database that takes lots of disk space. These things are not as cheap as a normal webserver with a database of only a handful items for each person using the app. does nothing too different here. It only stores the data in a compacted format, but yet in a database from where it can be indexed and served. That seems to work very well, and we found a solution that allows us to offer some advanced features, but still not take too much disk space. Of course, we're still unable to offer some of the fancy features some of our competitors do, but most web analytics users aren't going to need those anyway.

Which features are missing?

Although is great, it is not the not the definitive web analytics tool that will solve all the problems. If you're relying on

  • geolocation (tagging visitors by country, city etc.);
  • browser or operating system usage statistics;
  • screen sizes measurements;
  • very specific conversion/goal tracking; or
  • A/B testing (split-tests)
Then you probably shouldn't use our services.

Monthly Pricing


unlimited sites
100,000 pageviews each month
you can share your sites publicly


unlimited sites
250,000 pageviews
everything in the previous plan
you can use your own domain


unlimited sites
1,000,000 pageviews
everything in the previous plan
you can share your sites privately

Is there a free plan?, you may ask, and the answer is "not actually". You can have a account for free and you can even create a site and track some metrics into it, but it will not last long. We have some small limits that will let you see how everything works, but are not suitable for any website that has actual visitors.